The Medicine Heart Dancers is dedicated to serving Indigenous youth in the Metro area. Our goal is to preserve culture through traditional education, and to carry on the tradition of communal learning. We provide a safe space for youth to learn everything from Pow-Wow culture to crafts to storytelling. We encourage healthy lifestyles through diet and fitness. Through our mission, we set out to empower Indigenous youth through identity and community.

The meaning behind the name is simple, Medicine: because our people believe that all we do and our traditions are good for our minds, body and spirit; Heart is for the heart of our people past, present and future; for the heart that beats in us all, like the beat of the drum.  

This group is open to all ages and all nations, and is FREE. We hope that as a community we can share our knowledge of traditional ways, and make this group one that everyone can be part of and be proud of. We endeavor to continue our cultural ways and educate others, because we proud of who we are and our way of life. We look forward to seeing many new faces and learning new things from those who join us.

With the support of community members, their families, and organizations throughout the U.S., these opportunities are made possible.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organization, its members and our efforts to empower indigenous youth and bridge the gaps between communities through educational presentations!  

   Our youth learning to make drumsticks

   Our youth learning to make drumsticks

Our Goals

To Provide a safe environment for Native youth and their families to practice pow-wow culture and other tribal traditions.

To empower our Native youth through song, dance, and cultural identity. 

To promote education through our Lance Allrunner Memorial Scholarship

To educate our local communities through performances, speeches and other events.